Thursday, October 07, 2004

A little Axis tip

This article by Kevin Jones, linked from the Apache site, shows how to get Axis to return the given WSDL file for a service, rather than rely on Axis to auto-generate new WSDL from a deployed service. Kevin's tip essentially is to add:
<wsdlFile>your wsdl file here</wsdlFile>

to the server-config.wsdd file. It turns out that you can put the same element in the service's own deploy.wsdd file, and it will be copied from there to server-config - saving you the trouble of finding and tweaking the server configuration. The ony gotcha is that if you re-generate the depoy.wsdd (via wsdl2java), the wsdlFile element will be overwritten. I guess it would be nice if wsdl2java acquired a new command line option to generate the wsdlFile element.

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