Thursday, October 07, 2004

Validating wsdl

I'm learning about web services, so that I can add WS- interfaces to Nuin. There is a heck of a lot to grok, more or less all-at-once, but I'm concentrating on soap, wsdl, and uddi to begin with. In particular, getting a good grip on wsdl seems key, because there are various other tools, like apache axis that have automated tools that use the wsdl description to deploy web services or create Java stubs and skeletons automatically.

The problem is that wsdl is horrible. You can see how each piece belongs in the spec, but when you put all of the ports, messages, pieces, bindings, etc etc together it just becomes a complex mess. For RDF coding, the online RDF validators are very helpful for spotting errors buried in complex documents. So, I googled in hope for wsdl validators. There aren't many hits, and most of those are now defunct or useless. Salvation however, came with the wsvt plugin for Eclipse. Wonderful! Does good validation, with the results integrated into the Eclipse problem reports tab. Recommended.

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