Saturday, April 02, 2005

Windows backup to DVD+RW

My main workhorse is a Linux workstation, but I have an HP Pavilion running WinXP that the kids use for games and homework. I've been feeling guilty that I don't have a decent backup strategy for that computer. Fortunately, a simple solution has presented itself: via Joel on Software came a link to The Daily Grind at, via Daily Grind no. 591 comes news of FireStreamer DVD which makes DVD+RW devices appear as tape drives that Windows Backup can see. Haven't tried it (yet), but it looks like a perfect solution. I have tried other payware tools for backing up my laptop to DVD+RW, but couldn't actually get them to work. At all. Fingers crossed for FireStreamer. I have a good feeling however: they haven't tried to solve the whole problem of doing backup, they're just fixing the obvious breakage that the builtin backup tool can't write to DVD. Elegant.

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