Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to the USA

Just back from a week long visit to Philadelphia, at rather short notice. Lots of good food, reasonable beer and excellent semantic web conversation. Had dinner one night at Marrakesh on South Leithgow St (no web site, but there are contact details). Wonderful atmosphere in a tiny and really cosy place. The proprietor told us they were trying hard to recreate the feel of authentic Morroccan family dining. Worth visiting if you're in Philly for dinner. Good news: Philadelphia has free metropolitan wifi connectivity. Bad news: unless my wireless card is failing, the free network saturates pretty easily, and the bandwidth falls off to zero. I also had problems with the free wireless network in the Holiday Inn, which was otherwise a perfectly decent hotel. The barman was very generous when pouring measures!

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The Grumpy Hacker said...

Next time in Philly visit Monk's ( Great food, drink, atmosphere...can get crowded though.