Tuesday, November 15, 2005

JPackage - solving missing jakarta-commons-transaction

I use the excellent JPackage to get RPM's of the Java libraries I use whenever possible. Together with yum, it's a very easy way of making sure I have all the appropriate dependencies in place, and tracking updates as they occur. I'm just about to start on a new project that requires us to use JBoss, so I thought that I'd get it from JPackage and make sure it stays up-to-date. Simple? Alas, no. Installing jboss4-system, I got:

--> Running transaction check
--> Processing Dependency: jakarta-commons-transaction for package: jakarta-slide-server
--> Processing Dependency: jakarta-commons-transaction for package: jakarta-slide-webdavclient
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: jakarta-commons-transaction is needed by package jakarta-slide-server
Error: Missing Dependency: jakarta-commons-transaction is needed by package jakarta-slide-webdavclient

And indeed jakarta-commons-transaction is not available for download from JPackage. Reading the mailing list archives, it seems it's in development still (so I'm not sure why it appears as a dependency in released packages - oh well). Fortunately, development snapshots of the JPackage RPM's are available. Having manually downloaded and installed the errant transactions RPM, all is now well. Which just leaves me with JBoss itself to learn. Sigh!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Fixing non-UTF8 characters in file names

I have ripped some of the CD's I own to mp3 files, which I play on both Linux and Windows. It happens that many of the artists I like (such as Bj√∂rk) have non-ascii characters in their names and hence in the corresponding filenames. On Windows, these tend to be encoded in the platform default IS0-8859-1 encoding (at least on a UK-locale Windows install). When these files are copied across to my FC3 system, Nautilus complains of illegal UTF8 characters, and some programs — such as the otherwise excellent xmms — choke. I wouldn't be posting this unless I'd found a solution, and I have in the form of convmv, "convert filenames to utf8 or any other charset". And it does too. Recommended.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Virtual presence at ISWC

I couldn't attend ISWC this year (though there are quite a few people from our group going). Among the many interesting things happening at the conference is the Semantic Desktop Workshop. Happily, it's being logged in real-time on IRC (channel #swig at freenode), logs here: Semantic Web Interest Group IRC Chat Logs for 2005-11-06.

Update: there's also a real-time log of the Semantic Web Interaction Workshop on #swiw on Freenode. Unclear yet if or when the log will appear on the web. Also, I moved this posting to my personal blog where it should have been, from the Jena announce blog where it shouldn't. D'oh!