Thursday, February 23, 2006

Installing ProCite 5 with MS Word 2003

I recently got myself a very nice Compaq nw8240 laptop from work. Of course, that means the tedious process of reinstalling everything. One of the tools I use a lot with MS Word documents is ProCite 5. I still prefer ProCite over the other citation tools I've tried, even though it hasn't been updated for ages. Having reinstalled the original ProCite CD on my new machine, I then applied the Office XP/WP 10 Patch. Even that, however, wasn't enough to get cite while you write (cwyw) working. However, it's an easy step from there: just copy pc5wd32.wll and from the cwyw sub-directory of the ProCite install dir (defaults to c:\program files\ProCite5) to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP. APPDATA is user-adjustable location, but the default is c:\documents and settings\<yourlogin>\Application Data. Sorted. procite, ms-word

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