Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eclipse 3.2.1 busy-wait problem

Once upon a time I used to do nearly all of my development work in xemacs. Now, I do nearly all of my development work in Eclipse. So, it's a real pain when Eclipse starts playing up. I have to say that Eclipse is a great product, and it doesn't fail very often. However, since the latest batch of auto-updates (to version 3.2.1), I've had four crashes where Eclipse has gone into a 100%-cpu "busy-wait" state, and I've had to kill the process to get it back. This is on two different computers. I have a number of Eclipse plugins (who doesn't?), and ijuma on #eclipse in IRC suggested that I try increasing the MaxPermSize setting for my JVM, since it can, apparently, cause problems if the VM runs out of a certain kind of heap space. So, my eclipse.ini now looks like:


Since it's an intermittent failure, I can't say for sure yet whether this tweak has solved my problem, but ijuma seemed to think that increasing the MaxPermSize was a good idea anyway. I'll post again if I have some further data.

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