Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SemTech conference session notes: relational navigation

Notes from Relation Navigation: Delivering on the Promise of a Semantic Web, Bradley Allen. Missed the intro section. The user experience: context, relationships, participation. Focus on emerging de facto standard ontologies like foaf, dc, etc. "Unanticipated queries" is the key differentiator with standard navigation patterns. Scalability and integration are key issues: 10^9 triples. The question for me, though, is not can we scale the underlying store but can we scale the UI? No interaction design can cope with trying to show more data than the user can comprehend, so how do we get users to see the forest instead of the trees?

Siderean now has twenty-six customers to date; media, federal, aerospace/defence, ... Helping people know what's available to them.

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