Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SemTech conference session notes: building the practical semantic web

Notes from Building the Practical Semantic Web With Focus on Reasoning, Lars Hard. semweb presents barriers to web workers - heavyweight documents and standards, albeit that they provide a good foundation. We need better tools to hide the complexity from ordinary developers. Other barriers include:

  • creating rdf ontologies is too hard
  • automated knowledge extraction is not usually possible
  • "usable" reasoning, scale and complexity of computation
  • can be hard to show value over non-semantic approaches

Most semweb examples are corporate and dull. Not enough cool apps for general audience (cue a list of the usual suspects).

Need new tools - simple and fun. One click publishing, includes a SOAP interface. Target demographic: 15-17 year olds! Example based programming, feeding a machine learning algorithm. Strong growth will come from many networked small-scale applications.

Example applications: tyre recommendation based on slider inputs for price, performance, etc. Wii game selection based also on slider inputs, or on games that are similar/related. Increase degree of disovery to raise the number of games in the recommendation set. FelixGames.com - flash games vertical search.

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Taylor said...

Sounds good except the SOAP...based on the target group it should be REST or perhaps JASON.