Saturday, July 14, 2007

Save the Tara complex

In 1992, I had a wonderful holiday in Ireland. The Irish are warm, welcoming people, the countryside is fantastic and they have a wealth of truly wonderful archaeological sites. Preeminent among these is the Tara complex, a huge area including dozens of prehistoric henges and other sites, including Newgrange and the Hill of Tara. It's comparable in some ways to Stonehenge, since Stonehenge is also at the centre of a wide area of barrows, henges and other early sites of settlement and human activity. The British government is looking to seal a place in history by moving or hiding the busy A-class road that runs through the Stonehenge complex. The Irish government, I found out today, is looking to seal its place in history by building a motorway (a multi-lane highway for high-speed, high volume traffic) over the Tara site. Unbelievable.

Naturally, there's a campaign to save the site, which has been running for quite a while. To those campaigners, good on you! We from outside the country can help by signing the Save Tara petition. Please do so. And go there: it's a great place to vacation.

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