Monday, October 20, 2008

AjaxWorld: Ajax techniques for data visualisation

AJAX techniques for data visualisation

What can we do with push communications? Collaboration over the web with active data objects. Want a programming model that preserves designer and developer model. Use ICEFaces to translate between presentation in xhtml and app logic in POJO to Ajax.

Use ILog Views to generate Ajax calls to refresh visualisation incrementally. Can also use Comet and ICEfaces to incrementally push changes in one client to others.

Describing quite a bit of detail about how ILog jViews and ICEFaces integrate - architectural issues around both client-initiated and server-initiated content update. Not quite what I was hoping the talk was going to be about from the title.

Description of asynchronous update mechanisms. Browser is only permitted two connections to server (according to specs), so for multi-window push apps you need to pool the connections and share them out. Makes for complex Javascript.

Cleverly done, but I was hoping to hear more about the actual visualisations. The only example was a graphical view of a Gantt chart.

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