Monday, October 20, 2008

AjaxWorld: Ben Rushlo and Rajeev Kutty

Designing for and managing performance in the new frontier of rich internet applications

Industry leader in web performance measurement (self-claim). Cannot retrofit performance at the end of a project, has to be built-in all through. Lots of factors changing performance management: browser as platform, page size, page complexity, languages, cloud, ... etc. Application life cycle much faster (1-2 months, or faster). User expectations have risen: always on, always responsive. Web 2.0 changes expectations.

Best practices

  • Have to test at every stage of the app lifecycle
  • Test from the cloud – where the users are
  • Test with a browser (what proportion of the time is spent in the browser engine)
  • Use the right metrics (use many metrics, avoid "pet metrics", avoid using a single metric

Web 2.0 performance challenges

Javascript files load one at a time (serialised). Minimise the number of external .js files. Don't put all javascript links in the header.

Client-side processing can take a very large amount of the time taken by a page load. Tip: identify and reduce client-side processing

Third-party quality (adsense, mediatrack, tracking, etc). Third-party code can slow down the overall page (does not go into a separate thread). Tip: get a SLA in place; put the third-party links in footer not header where possible.

Web service performance can vary - get SLA's in place.

Flash: balance size and number of flash files.

Basics: reduce the number of round trips (CSS sprites, HTTP keep alive, caching).

Measure, measure, measure.

Now available for free: KITE - Keynote Internet Testing Environment.

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corinna said...

Hi Ian,
I wanted to make you aware of a Web performance contest we are running, called the FASTWEB RACE. We just announced the judges of the competition today -- Steve Souders (Google), Ben Rushlo (Keynote Systems), Dawn Parzych (F5 Networks) and Bob Buffone (RockStarApps).

Great stuff to win and the entrants will be working with the top Web performance experts in the world.
Submission deadline is July 15th.