Monday, October 20, 2008

AjaxWorld: keynote Scott Guthrie

I'm at AjaxWorld in San Jose this week. I'll try to keep up with the sessions I attend here on the blog.

Scott Guthrie - Enabling Great Experiences

Team leader for Silverlight 2.

VS2008 focus on web support. includes intellisense support for open-source javascript library (e.g. jscript). LINQ for querying many types of data backend. Visual Web developer - free edition.


Goal to make install into non-Silverlight machine in 10 secs.

Two core scenarios: media support (esp. video), and RIA developer support. Adpative streaming: publish at multiple bitrate, client can pick the best bitrate on the fly.

Cut down version of .net. Cross-platform languages - can run c#, vb, python, ruby, etc, on the client.

Cross-site calling: can call webservices on servers other than the point of origin.

Standard form controls, and higher-level copmonents such as calendars, tables, etc, or can use plain html UI and run the script faster in silverlight. Skinning model allow designers and developers to work more effectively together - designer and developer working on same project structure (visual studio for dev, MS expression for design)

Demos: hard-rock cafe deep zoom demo. Rich UI example for healthcare info. cute demo of WPF components with graphics effects, delegates work to GPU so CPU utilization does not dominate.

Slick presentation, nicely done tools.

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