Monday, October 20, 2008

AjaxWorld session: Jon R. Doyle

Talk: Web 3.0 and the Age of Intelligence

Web 3.0 = "semantic web" or &guot;pervasive web". Examples from unified communication: what means are there available for communicating with a given individual at a given time. e.g. email, IM, iPhone, ... Web 3.0 2008-2012. Learning agents (web 4.0) estimated 2012..2015.

Benefits: convenience in personal and business life. System can make decisions about whether the phone rings or re-routes to different locations depending on user context, message content, etc. Lots of examples of changes in next-gen communications systems, especially basic changes needed at the network level (US-centric). I wasn't clear when the speaker was talking about what has been done, what is being worked on, and what should be worked on.

Summary: ubiquity good, walled gardens bad. Rather general, and a bit disappointing.

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