Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AjaxWorld session: Steve Maryka & Ryan Moquin

General session by ICEsoft: How Can AJAX Improve Homeland Security?

Instant communications for first responders. Demo/application built with British Aerospace.

IceFaces: open-source, standards based. Ajax platform in pure Java (no need to write JavaScript). Extends JSF. 50K registered developers. Deploy to any app server, combine with leading Java frameworks. Key innovation: direct-to-DOM rendering. Presentation code is rendered to DOM on the server-side, then sync'ed through client-side JavaScript library to the client. Uses a push mechanism to route state changes from server to client without waiting for a user interaction on the client.

Portals add complexity. Browser-imposed connection limits (IE limits connections to two). Their framework adds client-side connection sharing, and similarly need server-side connection sharing. Hide this complexity from app developers.

conclusions: the asynchronous web will be everywhere; foster developer creativity, not focus on low-level Javascript plumbing.

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Ajaxified said...

The push mechanism you mention, they refer to it as Ajax Push, or as many of us would recall, Comet. Truly a revolutionary way in enabling their direct to DOM server side rendering functionality. This is the future of Ajax capabilities. In an era were web is about collaboration versus simple information fetching, web users will come to expect this sort of real time interaction. You should check out their demos on www.icefaces.org.