Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Great tutorial: maven and FlexBuilder

I seem to be forever learning new technologies at the moment. Recent forays have taken me into Ruby (and Rails), Maven, Restlets, Wicket and now Flex. Often I feel like I quickly learn enough to be dangerous, but not enough to really feel like I'm really grokking a subject ... that usually comes with time and practice. Case in point is Maven: I've used Maven on a number of recent projects, and on the whole I think it has been a useful tool and a boost to the project. I also feel like I don't properly get Maven in depth, so when I have to add a new capability to a maven build, I have to hit Google for help. That's why I really like Jeff Maury's tutorial on integrating Maven with FlexBuilder. Not only does Jeff hit the spot with the technical focus of his three articles – it actually is very useful to see how to have both IDE-based and build-based approaches to Flex in one package – but the explanations of the underlying goals and patterns is a very helpful reinforcement of the principles of Maven-based multi-artifact builds. Kudos Jeff!

See: maven, flex, tutorial.

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