Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amazon mp3 store: Linux kudos

Heh, just bought an mp3 album from Amazon (having discovered Synaesthesia on, and expected the usual "Linux? Sorry, is that Windows or Mac?" trouble. Was very pleasantly surprised to be presented with a page to grab the download manager for mp3 albums for any one of four Linux distros, including Fedora. Cool. Thank you Amazon!

Edit to say that nice though it is to have some Linux support, I've just upgraded to Fedora 11 and the Amazon player doesn't work on F11. Not only that, Amazon customer services have yet to respond to the email I sent them three days ago. Sigh. You win some, ....

Updated again to say that I have now had a very polite reply from Peter at Amazon customer services, but, no, they're not going to say when or if a new version will be released. Since it's just a matter of recompiling with with the new version of the libraries, this is a little disappointing. Sigh.

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