Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ISWC research track - raw notes 3

OntoCase: Automatic ontology enrichment based on ontology design patterns - Blomqvist

Ontology design patterns: www.ontologydesignpatterns.org. This talk focus on content pattens: small ontologies with a speficic design rationale

Semantic web: want more lightweight ontologies from non-logicians, e.g. web developers. Start with domain specification (e.g. texts) and task specs (e.g. competency questions). Ontology learning is possible, but accuracy is low and relational information is especially hard. Problems with background information.

OntoCase aims to add some explicit background knowledge and enrichment, built on top of exsiting ontology learning tools. Adds ontology design patterns. Input: learned OWL ontology and set of patterns. Output: ontology enriched by patterns. By: matching, cloning and integrating patterns. Two modes: true enrichment and pruning mode. In pruning, only include the parts of the input that match a pattern.

Example: input concepts person, hero (subclass of hero), stage. Match to agent pattern.

Evaluation ... missed some details ... can add background knowledge, and increase in accuracy of added relationships.

Future work: general improvements, does not use task inputs at the moment.

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