Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ISWC research track - raw notes 4

Lifting events in RDF from interactions with annotated web pages - Stuhmer et al

Want to model complex events - multiple mouse clicks. Use case: online advertisement. Contextual advertisement, behavioural advertising. Context, eg Adsense, based on ip etc. Behavioural - based on history of user's web pages, using cookies or web-bugs.

Drawbacks: context - similarity matching not robust. Behavioural - old history may not be relevant. To remedy: build complex events as short-term profiles, model these in an OWL ontology. Schema seems to encode a basic ontology of event expressions: conjunction, sequence, etc. Simple events: DOM (incl. mouse clicks) and clock.

Add some context to simple events. More than just the DOM location (that would be just syntax). Annotate pages with RDFa, use those annotations to enrich simple events. If the event happens on one node which is an RDF subject, use that to constrain the choice of subjects. Otherwise, go up the DOM tree to the dominator node, which may be the document root.

Contributions: the technical implementatio, the event model itself.

Server side event processing - not done yet. [which makes it hard to see what the value is, since they don't illustrate the interpretation of the events]

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