Wednesday, October 28, 2009


WG has just published a first set of six working drafts that indicate what's coming in SPARQL 1.1. Caveat: no decisions yet, just indications. Naming: SPARQL 1.1 query, update and service description. Picked about 10 out of about 50 proposed extensions. Stable by Spring'10, Completed in Aug'10.

Project expressions - select something in a query that is not just a simple variable. Aggregates - min, max, count, etc. Subqueries - embed one query in another. Negation - sparql 1.0 makes it difficult to ask what is not known, fix this in 1.1. Service description - language for describing common extensions in a given sparql end point. Update language - 1.0 is read-only, member submission of rough draft of update language, will be in 1.1. Update protocol - use of HTTP POST for update. Map basic RDF operations to core HTTP operations (RESTful RDF via sparql). Following are 'time permitting', will be done if there is time ... Property paths - arbitrary length paths through the graph; regex-alike expressions. Basic federated query - based on ARQ's SERVICE keyword. Entailment regimes - what does it mean to query SPARQL in the face of RDFS or OWL, or RIF rulesets. Common functions - commonly used built-ins.

Slides here.

Brief intro from WG members. Moved on to Q&A, but I had to leave to check out of the hotel.

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