Monday, October 26, 2009

Semantic Sensor Networks - raw notes 2

A survey of the semantic specification of sensors. Compton et al, CSIRO.

W3C has an incubator group on sem sensors - SSN-XG. Develop a reference OWL model for describing sensors.

Table of 12 existing semantic sensor ontologies, some active, some not. At least one agent-centric. Two perspectives: data and sensor. All input ontologies agree that a central concept is Sensor, but with different descriptions. Many aspects to model, including structure, network, physical attributes, accuracy, energy use etc. Different ontologies differ in depth and expressive power.

Supporting technologies: DL reasoners, SPARQL, rules, task assignment. [I Wonder how much of this would be relevant to the W3C reference ontology?]

Rich range of input ontology concepts, but there remain some concepts that do not yet appear in any of the precursor ontologies.

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