Sunday, October 25, 2009

SWUI'09 workshop - raw notes 1

Small workshop: about 10 people. Should be lots of interesting discussion. Question (every year): what is different about semantic web interfaces? This workshop has been running since 2004. Last year's workshop was at CHI - drew in more expertise from traditional UI researchers. This year: do we now have a critical mass of available data. So: what to do with it? How do we deal with scale? How to link with other communities that are dealing with similar or related questions?

Participants intros. Duane – runs a small consultancy, interested in semantics as a means to enable user effectiveness. Li Ding – semantic web in GIS, swoogle - search tools to help users identify presence (or absence) of ontologies of interest, now working on government data publication. Max Wilson - Univ Swansea, UK. Mspace, use of semantic web in education, how to enrich user interface without exposing semantic data directly to user? Andreas Splendiani, Rothamstead Research: ontologies in life science domain, indirect route through life sciences to OWL, data integration problems – know-how is in users' heads. Eric Miller - Squishymedia, user interaction design consultancy, focus on usability and user testing, IA, launched a semweb enabled application last week. Jen Golbeck director of Human Interaction Lab, social networks and trust - how to take advantage of the data on the web, recommender systems. Daniel Schwabe - University of Rio, been involved in hypermedia since before the web, model-based approaches, moved to semantic web when that appeared, use of data to enrich UI, how to separate interface from application, how can user use linked open data in an interesting way? - current approaches are analogues of HTML browsers but is that the right approach?, how to design rich behaviours that actually help the communicability of the application owner's intent to the user, use of non-speech sound. Vadim Soskin - software for museums, museums moving from proprietary to openly-shared information, no standards for information sharing, use semantic technologies for data interchange, how to explain benefits of moving from relational model to RDF/OWL?, how to cope with large scale data in UI. Zhenning ?, RPI - research in user-interaction with linked data, how to help users to formulate appropriate queries and how to enable users to communicate back to semantic web. Rostistlav ? - OntoText, aim to enhance company's product UI's, linked open data application, extensible UI toolkits. Andreas Harth - semantic search as part of PhD, broadened out into general UI interaction, data from the web is very noisy - how to deal with?, difficulty in comparing applications because no standard datasets or tasks. Suggestion to follow conversation at

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