Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BlazeDS error: Unsupported AMF version 17,491

Doing some Flex development today using BlazeDS for the Java side, I came across a problem where the server raised an exception Unsupported AMF version 17,491. Googling did not provide a solution, but other people have had the same problem. While I can't say for certain how this might affect other users, in my case it was entirely self-inflicted. I was trying out different combinations of channels for connecting the client to the server, and at one point I changed the end-point of the AMF channel without changing the handler class. In my Services.mxml I had:


At one point, I was using the streaming channel instead:


The problem above arose when I accidentally put my code into an inconsistent state:


The URL points to the non-streaming channel, but the wrapper class is StreamingAMFChannel. Moral: don't do that.

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